Winter Cocktails 2017

Cozy Cider Mule

Vodka, caramel sauce, spiced apple cider with a float of ginger beer. Finished with a apple slice and nutmeg

Rosemary's Baby

Vodka, cranberry rosemary simple syrup, fresh squeezed lemon juice, shaken and stained into a martini glass with a soda float. Finished with fresh cranberries and rosemary sprig

Hot Buttered Rum

Secret buttered rum mix, Bacardi Silver white rum, spiced rum. Topped with whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkles

Spiced Plum Totti

Spiced rum, hand made cinnamon plum simple syrup and hot water. Topped with whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkles

Winter Mojito

White and coconut rums, mudded lime, sugar, fresh mint, organic almond milk and CoCo Real coconut shaken and poured into a sugar rimmed glass and topped lime soda